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Flippy Knife is a combination of mini games developed by Beresnev Games, a company whose headquarters lie in Prague, Czech Republic. It functions just like an arcade game. Flippy Knife is a collection of multiple mini-games where the gamer tosses knives through the air in different ways to pin them to the surfaces. It is free of charge. Although it seems easy to do, the truth is that tossing knives is quite challenging. The biggest catch is to keep an eye on the weight, size and shape of the knives.

 A lighter knife is hard to control as compared to a heavier one which requires more force. Flippy Knife's one game play includes throwing the knife in the air, with the aim to pin it upright. In the other mini-game, the gamer will have to throw knives into the spaces between platforms, but to make it more challenging the gamer has to collect coins too. In another game, the gamer has to climb between vertical walls by using a knife to climb up. Another mini-game requires the gamer to toss the knife against a target.

The coins the player collects are used to unlock new knives, axes, swords, spears and a lot more. There are more than 120 blades with cool designs and realistic looking knives. Flippy Knife is generally a fun filled game, offering players good visual quality, good speed and intriguing concept. It rewards the gamer with 50 award badges too. Flippy Knife is compatible with android devices as well as iOS
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