Gods and Glory: War for the Throne Apk

Gods and Glory: War for the Throne Apk
Gods and Glory: War for the Throne Apk for Android
Description Gods and Glory: War for the Throne Apk
Gods and Glory: War of the Throne is a free strategic game developed by Wargaming is a Belarusian company whose headquarters reside in Nicosia, Cyprus. This game requires great strategic planning and management skills to win epic battles in real time. With its setting in medieval times, it gives a more realistic feel of fighting in a battlefield armed with swords and shield. It is a massive multiplayer game that requires good internet connection to play. The player can use god's help to win against their opponents by using legendary units to aid the conquering procedure. The player can form his own empire with weapons and a skilled fighting unit to become the absolute god of war.

 Gods and Glory requires wit and tactful thinking to achieve good status. It also breaks all the geographic boundaries thus allowing its player to form a team with or play against any other player from all over the globe. One needs to build their empire with secured barracks, houses, walls, quarries and needs strategic planning to minimize the damage when the opponent strikes. The game enables its player to make use of scientists and workers to improve a building or construct it and to recruit Heroes to conquer the place.

It has a combat system in which either the units attack one after the other or on the basis of superiority. Attacks on the outpost yield gold, wood, stone, stardust and crystal resources that helps the player in building their empire as well as army. Capturing a Bastion gives all the members of the team a bonus for production of resources. Gods and Glory: War of the Throne can be downloaded by both android and iOS users.
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