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Monster Super League is a free intriguing monster collecting game developed by Smart Study in 2016, a Korean company based in Seoul. Released in 2016, it has been a matter of interest for a large number of youth. The game location is a fictional world named Latecia with loads of beautiful landscapes with even better names such as Aurora Plateau, Star Sanctuary, and Sky Falls etc. The aim is to save the world from various kinds of monsters present and collecting the monster will help accomplish the mission.

 The player has to acquire Astromons that will make different strategies and team player combinations to save the world from destruction. Acquiring Astromons requires two methods, either through capturing them at a game stage or summoning them by different means. It is a gacha game. A gacha game is designed to give permanent rewards to the gamer such as a new character or sorts. To earn reward the player’s Astromons need to be stronger. To progress in the game the player has to spend Energy, Gold and Astrogems.

 Monster Super League has a user friendly interface and also offers a step by step tutorial that makes it easy for a new gamer to have fun playing it. The game has two stages one is the Dungeon part, the other is the Non-Dungeon part. The early stages are set in the Non-dungeon area and are comparatively easy while the Dungeon part is slightly high in difficulty level but it also offers resources and rewards to progress in the game. The game is compatible for both android and iOS platforms.
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