Spotify Premium Free (Premium Features Unlocked/Unlocked, Amoled)

Spotify Premium Free
App Name Spotify Premium Free
Publisher Spotify AB
Genre apps
Size 81 MB
Latest Version v8.8.90.893
MOD Info Premium Features Unlocked/Unlocked, Amoled
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Update November 25, 2023

Music has no language as it is the beats and the feels of a song that attract us towards them. Whether you are listening to a song that is in another language, but you can feel the essence of the song by listening to it. Thousands of new songs are introduced everyday but we often get to know about these songs. If you are one that likes to explore music then you should get Spotify Premium Free. This is an app that contains world wide music.

It provides you with music from every corner of the world. You can easily find the real profiles of your favourite Artist and get to know about their latest songs. This app is very easy to control. It works just like the regular music player and you can easily pause and resume the song whenever you want. It also allows you to shuffle the songs so that you can listen to new songs.

Spotify Premium Apk

What is Spotify Premium Free?

Spotify Premium Free is an app that will help you to explore music from all around the world. As it plays the songs on shuffle which means that you are not going to pick a particular song, it is the Spotify that will pick a song for you. If you get this app then there is no need to download any song on your device and it will also save a lot of space on your device. Apart from listening to songs, you can also listen to documentaries that will lift your mood up. You can also skip any song if you do not like it.

Spotify Premium Apk

What is the Mod of Spotify Premium Free?

The Mod of Spotify Premium APK will provide you with some extra features that are not available in the regular version. For example, in the regular version you can skip only for a few times but in this version you can have unlimited skips. It also provides you access to the premium subscription of this app for free and there is no login required to use this app. You will also be able to generate lyrics of any song with the help of this app.

Spotify Premium Apk

Main Features of Spotify Premium Free

Worldwide Music

Spotify Premium Free is an app that will provide you with worldwide music. You can listen to a song that belongs to any language or any part of this world.

Intuitive Home screen

You will get to see an intuitive home screen of this app that will help you to start your music journey in an easy way. This app has different categories that you can pick. You can also go to the trending one to listen to the new songs.

No need to download

If you get this app then there is no need to download any song on your device. It will save a lot of space as you do not have to create your own playlist on your device.

Listen to Documentaries

If you often get bored while listening to songs, you can also listen to documentaries and the real life experiences of different people.

Real Profiles of Artists

Spotify is an app that contains the real profiles of different Singers and artists. You Can Follow them on Spotify so that you will be notified about all the new songs that they release.

Shuffle any time

You can shuffle your playlist at any time so that you can explore new music. This is a great feature because in this way, you will not stick to a particular type of song.

Jump to next song

If you do not like a particular song that is played automatically then you can jump to the next song by clicking on the skip option that is available on your screen.

Generate Lyrics

This is an app that will help you to generate the lyrics of any song. So if you are listening to a rap then this feature will help you a lot because you can easily get to see all the lyrics on your screen.

Change Display

If you do not like the regular default display of Spotify Premium Free then you can easily change the display by going to the settings of this app and selecting a particular theme.

Listen Offline

Spotify also allows you to listen to songs offline. You can easily save or mark any song as Your favourite in this app and listen to it even when there is no internet connection.

Spotify Premium Apk

Fresh Features in Spotify Premium Free

Select your favourite Songs

In Spotify Premium free, you will be able to select any of your favourite songs as it provides you the option to search songs.

Download Playlists

There are a lot of Amazing playlist of Spotify playlists and if you want to download these playlist on your device then you can get Spotify Premium Free.

No subscription needed

There is no need to get a subscription to use Spotify Premium free and it is completely free to use.

Use on multiple devices

You can use a Spotify Premium Free account on multiple devices at one time.

No interruptions

This version is completely free from all interruptions.

Spotify Premium Apk

Reasons Spotify Premium Free is worth downloading?

People often get annoyed by some restrictions in the regular version and for these people Spotify Premium free is best. As it allows them to search for a particular song and it also provides them with a free subscription.

Spotify Premium Apk

Final Words

There are a lot of music lovers that like to explore new music everyday. For such people, Spotify premium Free is the best choice as it will allow them to explore music for free and they will also be able to select a particular song while using this app.


Q. Can I use Spotify Premium Free on IOS devices?

Yes, you can use Spotify Premium free on IOS devices.

Q. Does Spotify Premium Free offer students Subscription?

Yes, Spotify Premium Free offers student Subscription .

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