Spotify Mod (Premium Unlocked)

Spotify Mod
App Name Spotify Mod
Publisher Spotify AB
Genre apps
Size 37 MB
Latest Version v8.8.82.634
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Update November 14, 2023

Music has no language as people are mostly attracted to the beats and the emotions that it Delivers. People listen to music in every language and Spotify is an app that provides you access to all the different types of music on one platform. This is an app that contains music in all the different languages of the world and you can also listen to your favourite artist on this app. It provides you songs in shuffle so that you can explore new music rather than listening to the same songs everyday.

If you do not like the song then you can easily skip it and go to the next one. This app also provides you with a playlist that contains all your favourite songs so that you can replay them. It also contains the music history so that you can keep a track of all the songs that you listen to. This app also provides you with different audio qualities. To get to know more about these qualities, you can have a look at this article.

Spotify Mod

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a platform that provides you access to all the different types of music. It doesn't matter if you belong to any part of the world, you can listen to your favourite song on this app. It provides you with music in shuffle which means that you would be unaware of the next song that is going to be played. If you do not like the song, you can easily skip it and you can also keep it as your favourite so that you will listen to it afterwards. You can also keep a track of your music history on this app.

Spotify Mod

What is the Mod of Spotify?

Spotify MOD is actually the edited version of this app that provides you with some new features. For example in the regular version, you are not able to search for a particular song. But this mod version will allow you to do so. The regular version also does not allow you to create your own playlist but you can easily create the one with the help of Spotify MOD.

Spotify Mod

Main Features of Spotify MOD

User friendly app

Spotify MOD is a very user-friendly app. It provides simple touch controls. For example, if a song is playing on your screen and you do not like it, you can click on the skip option to go to the next one.

Increase your Knowledge

Apart from listening to the songs and getting daily entertainment, you can also increase your knowledge by listening to the informative podcast and Documentaries.

Play on Shuffle

The unique feature about the Spotify app is that the songs play in shuffle mode. Which means that you are not able to select the song that is going to be played next. It will help you to explore new music.

Different Audio Qualities

The songs available on Spotify are available in different audio qualities. These different audio qualities are available to the users of the premium subscription plan.

Like different platforms, Spotify also recommends songs depending on your taste and hence the next song that will be played depends upon your taste of music.

Skip Songs

Spotify provides you with the skip option. It means that when the songs are playing in the shuffle mode and a song appears that you do not like, you can simply click on the skip option to go to the next one.

Get Details

Spotify will provide you with the details of every song that you listen to. It will let you know about the singer of the song and the album as well so that you can easily search for it next time.

Songs History

This app provides you with the songs history. It means that you can easily keep a track of all the songs that you listen to.

Listen to Mashups

This app not only provides you with regular songs but you can also listen to mashups. You can listen to mashup songs belonging to any language.

Search Songs

The premium users are able to search songs on this app. That's why the search bar is available where you can just write the name of the song or the singer.

Spotify Mod

Fresh Features in Spotify MOD

Unlimited Skip

If you download the Mod version of Spotify, then you will be able to keep any song that appears.

Save Songs

This Mod version will allow you to save any song to your playlist so that you can listen to it afterwards.

Free share

Spotify MOD provides you with the free Share option. It means that you can share any song from this app to any other platform.

No need to pay

The amazing thing about this mod version is that it is completely free to use and there is no need to pay the subscription charges.

Free from disturbance

Spotify MOD does not contain any disturbance and there will be no interruptions.

Spotify Mod

Reasons Spotify is worth downloading?

People are more inclined towards this mod version because it is more beneficial to them. This version does not require any subscription charges and it also provides the users with unlimited skip options. They can easily save any song to their playlist and share it with their friends as well.

Spotify Mod

Final Words

Music is liked by everyone whether you are a teenager or an elderly person. That's why Spotify is liked by everyone. This app provides you access to your favourite singer and it also allows you to create a playlist that can be shared with your friends as well. but if you want to have access to the best quality of music for free and remove the interruptions as well then we recommend you to get this app through our website.


Q. Can I listen to Radio on Spotify MOD?

Yes, you can listen to Radio on Spotify MOD.

Q. Can I remove ads from Spotify MOD?

Spotify MOD is completely free from unwanted ads.

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